Ramakrishna Mission Sri Koneswara Hindu College, a prestigious Educational Institution in the coastal

town of Trincomalee in Eastern Sri Lanka, was founded in 1897 by some Hindu luminaries

The Institution gained official recognition as a government primary school in 1922 and was administered

by a Board of Management comprised of certain influential Hindus. The following men of repute are

known to have been on the Board at one time or other.

1. Attorney S. Vallipurampillai Mudaliyar

2. Attorney S.Thiyagarajah

3. Attorney Visvalingam

4. Mr. Arumainayagam

5. Mr. Murugupillai (Surveyor)

6. Mr. Subramaniam (Shroff)

7. Mr. Vythilingam

At the beginning, this school had two divisions viz; Hindu Boys Tamil School and Hindu Boys English

School under the same administration.

The year 1925 was significant as far as this school was concerned because Swami Vipulananda took

over this school on behalf of the Ramakrishna Mission in 1925.Swami Vipulananda's return to the island

as a saint of Ramakrishna Mission is considered as the beginning of an era in the history of education

in the Eastern Province. The Swamiji's immense contribution to the growth of the Hindu Schools will

undoubtedly go down in the annals of the history of the province.

Swami Vipulananda took over the administration of the school on 1st June 1925following a decision by

the Board of Management  under the chairmanship of Mr. Vallipurampillai to hand over the school to

Ramakrishna Mission and hence the celebration of this day as the College day.

There was a steady growth of both Hindu Boys English School and Hindu Boys Tamil School under the

direct and able administration of Swami Vipulananda in terms of the number of students and the

infrastructural facilities.

The Kaliappu Hall built with the aid of a public fund was declared open by the then Governor H.E. Sir

Herbert Stanley and the Sampanthar Hall built in memory of an erstwhile teacher of Hindu Boys English

School, Mr. P.K. Sampanthar, was declared open by Mr. V. Kumarasamy the then Government Agent

for Eastern Province.

Swami Vipulananda had served as the Manager of the school since 1925. In addition to his managerial

position he took over responsibilities as Principal in 1928 in the interest of the educational development

of the school. Swami Vipulananda served in this capacity till July1930. However, he handed over the

post of Principal to Mr. P. Ramachandra M.A (Hons) when the responsibility of managing all the

schools under the umbrella of Ramakrishna Mission fell on his shoulders.

The school developed gradually during the period of Swami Vipulananda. Science education was

upgraded; laboratory facilities were improved. An opportunity to sit the London Cambridge Senior

Examination was presented to the students. In1932 this college was raised to senior secondary status.

Owing to the Second World War, especially between 1940 and 1945, the growth of this school was

hampered. The school functioned in various places temporarily during the period. In 1945 the school

commenced to function on its original premises.

In 1947 a library building constructed by Mr. L.H. Haradasa in memory of his late father Norris de Silva

was declared open by the then Minister of Education Hon. Nugawela. In 1952 Hindu College was raised

to Grade One School. The construction of the first upstairs building, presently named as Ampalavanar

Block, was begun in 1955 and completed in 1958. As time passed by, Hindu Boys English school was

renamed R. K. M. Hindu College and became a leading school in Trincomalee while Hindu Boys Tamil

School became R. K. M. Sri Koneswara Vidyalayam and became a leading primary as well as

secondary school in Trincomalee.

Although R.K.M. Hindu College and R. K. M. Sri Koneswara Vidyalayam were under the administration

of Ramakrishna Mission, both these schools were handed over to the government as separate schools

in 1961 under the School Take Over Act. Both these schools rendered yeomen service to the public of

Trincomalee having identical school flags, emblems and college anthem.

In 1993 both these schools, T/R.K.M. Hindu College and T/R.K.M. Sri Koneswara Vidyalayam, were

amalgamated as T/R.K.M. Sri Koneswara Hindu College and granted National School status. Our

College was the first National school in Trincomalee district and the second in the Eastern Province.

At present our College is one of the biggest Educational Institutes in Trincomalee with 2338 students,

104 teachers and 9 non-teaching staff under its fold. It produces remarkable results at public

examinations and the highest number of university entrants in the district. The College has excelled in

co-curricular activities such as sports, scouts, art, child protection committee, environment club,

innovation club and literature at district, provincial and national levels. This Institution is one of the best

schools not only at district level but also at national level .The College inculcates a sense of

responsibility and discipline in the students. The parents and past students assist in the growth of the

school. The school society gives its due respect to the founders and the former teachers. R.K.M. Sri

Koneswara Hindu College will continue with its mission of producing worthy citizens in the


future too.